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Regent Visa Service LTD is not affiliated with any government or embassy.
Prices include the fees due to the relevant government visa office and additional and separate service charge.

Childs first passport 5 years validity 7 days Service

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    Fill in online order form to download the customised application pack, and track your application online.

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    Click Download and print to print out applications and order forms, fill them and send to us with supporting evidence.

Should you choose not to apply online, please be aware that there is an additional charge of £5.00 (incl. VAT).


  • Application form
    • Application form from the post office or you can contact one of our consultants and we will send one to you for an extra delivery fee.
    • Complete in Black ink.
    • If you need any further assistance when completing the application form please call one of our consultants and they will guide you through the process.
  • 2 recent photos. One needs to be countersigned (Do not countersign both), and Section 10 of the form must be completed.
  • Original Long Version of the child’s birth certificate
  • Important information:
    • The requirements for the photos need to be exact. Kindly see the page of examples which is obtainable from our downloadable pack.
    • Appointments are subject to delay, Typical delay is 2-3 days
    • In Section 1 of the form please tick the box for First passport.
    • Section 2 of the form need to have the childs’ details with the parents email address and phone number.
    • Section 3 of the form must be left blank
    • Section 4 of the form must have both parents details (if one parent is not available then a person statement signed by the parent explaining the situation
    • Section 5 of the form please tick No
    • Section 6, 7 and 8 of the form please leave blank
    • Section 9 of the form is signed by one of the parents or legal guardian
    • Section 10 of the form must be countersigned
  • Regent Visas order form.

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