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Regent Visa Service LTD is not affiliated with any government or embassy.
Prices include the fees due to the relevant government visa office and additional and separate service charge.

Other services


Regent Visas provides full set of services for business and tourist clients. 


At Regent Visas we believe you should receive our best attention at all times. Personal and friendly contact, e-mail updates and online tracking at all stages of your application are part of our standard service.


Regent Visas also provide an opportunity for you to tailor your order to your needs. We have a range of products that enhance our service but at the same time we are constantly expanding in order to be even more flexible and provide a quality service.


Regent Visas full list of services:


In House Courier Service

If you need your visa urgently and safely delivered or collected we can provide our door to door in house courier service.

If you simply need to book a courier you can place an order online or contact us directly.


Airport Meet and Greet

When time is short our in house couriers can meet our client at the airport to receive documentation for lodging. When leaving the country we can help by meeting our client at the airport to safely deliver your documentation on departure.


Passport Photo service and Photo Re-sizing

In our office we do have an equipment to take and print photos instantly. When required we can save you time by formatting your photographs to the required size.


On Line Form Filling

Our consultants' advice will help you through the application process however if a busy schedule dictates, or you are just unsure on how to proceed, we offer a service to take the strain and free your time. For Embassies with an online application form, we provide form filling service.


Russian, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan Invitations

When you travel to these countries on business or as a tourist you need an invitation. Regent Visas can supply an approved invitation. If you need either the Tourist Voucher or Official Letter of Invitation we can arrange it for you.


China, Libya and Saudi Arabia Business Invitation

When you travel to Saudi Arabia and Libya on business you will require an official invitation in order to apply for your visa. Regent Visas can obtain official invitations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on your behalf.



We have a post office box for all your post and Special Deliveries that is available to us early in the morning to allow us to implement our express service when you need it.


Application Email Pre Check

At no extra cost you can send us a digital version of your documentation for us to check before you send them. This avoids time consuming adjustments and speed things up for you.



This process may need to comply with the requirements of both the country of origin and destination. The UK FCO along with the foreign embassy are usually involved. Each application may differ as each country has their own process,.



If you wish to retain an original document but have to prove the copy you supply is an accurate representation of the original, it must be notarised by a notary. The notary stamps the document to confirm its authenticity. Regent Visas can arrange this for you.



British documents are required to bear the official seal of the FCO to certify they are genuine. The Apostille is the official seal of the FCO and we can arrange this for you. There is a range of documents that are eligible for an Apostille from the FCO, please contact us for further information.



We provide a translation service to help you speed the process when required.


British Passport Renewal

Should you want to save time or need your passport in a hurry Regent Visas can help.  We can renew your passport, the same day if necessary. For more details please contact us directly.


Lost or Stolen Passport

If your passport is Lost or Stolen you can contact us in order to have it replaced within a week time.


Second British Passport

If you are a frequent traveller and  need a second passport to obtain visas while using your original abroad, we can help.


Special Visa Types

In addition to Business and Tourist Visas to all popular destinations, Regent Visas can assist with Indian Employment Visas, Nigerian STR and TWP and Brazilian Work Permits.


Visa Application Forms

When you view our embassy requirements there is an associated download pack to ensure an efficient application process.


If you need help with another issue just ask, Regent Visas is here to help.


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