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Regent Visa Service LTD is not affiliated with any government or embassy.
Prices include the fees due to the relevant government visa office and additional and separate service charge.

Child passport renewal Fast Track 7 days sent from IPS

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    Fill in online order form to download the customised application pack, and track your application online.

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    Click Download and print to print out applications and order forms, fill them and send to us with supporting evidence.

Should you choose not to apply online, please be aware that there is an additional charge of £5.00 (incl. VAT).


  • • Actual Passport that will be renewed (This passport will be cut in the corner and then returned to you along with your new passport).
  • • Passport Application Form (You can either obtain these from your local post office or please contact us and we will send one to you for an extra delivery fee)
  • • 2 x Passport Sized photos that have not been used in any previous passport application (Please see the guidelines of the photos as advised by the Passport Office)
  • Complete the Authorisation form to allow Regent Visas to act on your behalf. You will find one in our downloadable pack.
  • Important information:
    • Children UNDER 11 years of age must have the form and one photo countersigned
    • Children OVER 11 years of age do not have to have their .photo or application form countersigned
    • The requirements for the photos need to be exact. Kindly see the page of examples which is obtainable from our downloadable pack.
    • Appointments are subject to delay, Typical delay is 2-3 days
  • Complete the Regent Visas order form. You will find one in our downloadable pack.

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