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Regent Visa Service LTD is not affiliated with any government or embassy.
Prices include the fees due to the relevant government visa office and additional and separate service charge.

Cameroon Business Standard visa for United Kingdom nationals.

  Entry Validity Service type Visa fee Handling fee Total
inc. VAT
  Multiple 3 months Standard [i] £100.00 £55.00 £166.00
Please note our handling fees exclude VAT & dispatching.
  Entry Info Total
inc. VAT
  Multiple [i] £166.00
Please note our handling fees exclude VAT & dispatching.
Please note there is a 3.5% fee on payments by AMEX, credit cards and PayPal.
  • Has to have 2 clear pages.
  • Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity on the day of submission.
2 Visa Application Forms. (one original & one copy)
  • You will find one in our document pack.
  • Passport size photographs
  • Two recent photographs.
UK Company Letter
  • If the employer is outside of the UK, then the letter must state that there is no UK company and that the applicant is the sole representative.
  • Applicants full name.
  • Passport number and Nationality.
  • Purpose of trip and the name of the company being visited.
  • The employer is financially responsible for the trip. If not then supply original personal bank statement showing at least £1000.
  • State the length of visa and amount of entries needed.
  • It must be fully addressed to the Cameroon Embassy in London.
  • Must be original.
Letter of Invitation
  • It is important to mention the length of visa required and how many entries.
  • Purpose of the trip.
  • Passport number and nationality.
  • Applicants full name.
  • It must be fully addressed to the Embassy in London.
  • It must be either the original or a very clear copy.
  • It must legalised by the Cameroon Police.
  • If the applicant needs the visa issued on the same day service then mention the reason why.
Proof of Travel Arrangements
  • Travel insurance policy stating the dates of validity and name of the person covered by it. Must be valid for the duration of the trip.
  • Booked accommodation with dates matching the ones with flight tickets.
  • Booked flight tickets in and out of Cameroon.
A copy of a Yellow Fever certificate.
Copy of travel insurance.
If the applicant needs the visa issued on the same day service, and the reason was not mentioned in the invite letter, then the applicant must provide an original signed letter.
  • Include the following points:
  • Be addressed to the Embassy.
  • Provide applicants passport number.
  • State the applicants full name
  • The reason for needing the visa issued the same day.
  • Have the applicants original signature.
Regent Visas Order Form:
  • You will find this in our document pack.
Important Visa Information
  • It maybe possible to obtain the visa on arrival. Kindly check with your carrying airline and/or Embassy for information.
  • The Embassy is open only Monday to Thursday
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