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Prices include the fees due to the relevant government visa office and additional and separate service charge.

Angola Ordinary (Suspended) Standard visa for United Kingdom nationals.

  Entry Validity Service type Visa fee Handling fee Total
inc. VAT
  Single 60 Days Standard [i] £100.00 £95.00 £214.00
Please note our handling fees exclude VAT & dispatching.
  Entry Info Total
inc. VAT
  Single [i] £214.00
Please note our handling fees exclude VAT & dispatching.
Please note there is a 3.5% fee on payments by AMEX, credit cards and PayPal.
  • It must have four consecutive blank sheets (equivalent to four consecutive blank pages).
  • Be valid at least 9 months validity left when applying.
Angolan visa form
  • Visa form completed online. Print and sign. View Form
  • Include a UK address and UK contact number.
  • You will find also find a link to the application form in our document pack.
  • Must be completed on line, printed and signed in black ink.
  • Two recent passport sized photographs. They must be glued to the form.
Copies of the following passport pages:
  • Copies of the last three visas to Angola. If any of the visas were in a previous passport then also supply a photocopy of the bio photo page from that passport.
  • Copy of the bio photo page.
UK Company Letter
  • Include the following information:
  • If self employed then also supply a photo copy of the latest Inland Revenue receipt/letter.
  • State the company is financially responsible.
  • Applicants Job title.
  • Passport start date and expiry date.
  • Passport number and Nationality.
  • Applicants full name.
  • Address letter to the Embassy.
Letter of Invitation
  • Has to state the purpose, entry and exit date to Angola.
  • State entry and exit dates (30 days maximum).
  • Applicants job title.
  • State who the applicants present employer is.
  • Passport issue and expiry date.
  • Passport and Nationality.
  • Date and place of Birth.
  • Applicants full name.
  • The project to attend in Angola.
  • Has to state the purpose of the trip.
  • The inviting company is financially responsible.
  • State entry and exit dates (30 days maximum).
  • Request that an Ordinary visa be issued.
  • This must be written in Portuguese and bear the company stamp on it.
  • If the visit is associated with the oil industry then the invite letter must be stamped by Minpet, which is the Ministry of Petroleum.
Proof of Travel Arrangements
  • An itinerary of in and out flights to Angola.
Angolan companies who have never applied for visas through the London Embassy must supply the following documents the first time only:
  • Copy of last Industrial Tax receipt
  • Copy of Commercial License
  • Copy of Company's registration
  • Publication of the Company's registry in the 'Diario da Republica'
If applying for an Express Ordinary, then you must include a letter from the Sponsor giving the reason(s) for wanting it issued quickly. The final decision to issue the visa or not will be judged by the Embassy.
Yellow Fever certificate
  • Supply a photo copy of the certificate.
Colour copy of one of the following, which must show the applicants name and UK address
  • Utility Bill (must be the most recent, and cannot be a mobile phone bill).
  • Full UK Driving Licence
  • Council Tax bill (must be the most recent).
  • Your last 3 months Bank statements. These must have your UK address on them.
Regent Visas Order Form
  • You will find this in our document pack.
Importants points:
  • Ordinary visas and legalisations can only be collected on Thursdays and Fridays.
  • Applications for Visas and Legalisations can only be lodged on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • The Angolan Embassy is closed every Wednesday.
  • An Ordinary visa is a business visa.
  • Ordinary visas on standard service take 3-6 weeks to issue.
  • Express service take 1 week to issue (not issued the same week it was applied for), only if the Embassy consider your urgent request as valid.
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