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Regent Visa Service LTD is not affiliated with any government or embassy.
Prices include the fees due to the relevant government visa office and additional and separate service charge.

Saudi Arabia Working Visit-Suspended Normal Submission visa for United Kingdom nationals.

  Entry Validity Service type Visa fee Handling fee Total
inc. VAT
  Single Varied Normal Submission [i] £122.00 £89.00 £228.80
Please note our handling fees exclude VAT & dispatching.
  Entry Info Total
inc. VAT
  Single [i] £228.80
Please note our handling fees exclude VAT & dispatching.
Please note there is a 3.5% fee on payments by AMEX, credit cards and PayPal.
  • It must be a digital passport and be valid at least six months from date of lodging, and have no Israeli stamps in it.
  • Have at least two blank visa pages opposite each other.
Visa Form
  • You will find this form in our document pack.
  • Black ink only.
  • In block capitals only.
  • No handwritten changes.
  • Must state any Previous Nationality (even if the previous nationality is the same as the current), & Current Nationality .
2 photographs
  • Be of photo booth quality on an off whitish background. These can be stapled either side of the face to the visa form.
Please note proof of residency in the UK is not required, but might be requested by the Embassy.
  • Either a UK residence visa with at least 6 months validity left to run, or an indefinite one.
  • EU members (not British) instead must supply either their original current Bank statement or Utility bill.
An Original UK Company Letter, containing the following information. It must be in the exact same format as the UK letter template in our pack.
  • Be on company headed paper, stamped, dated and signed by the head of department in accordance with the following:
  • Be addressed to the embassy.
  • Include the following line: The company (enter your company name) registered in Britain under registration number (enter number here), whose activities are in (state the industry you are in) requests a visa to be granted for their company's employee:
  • State the name of the company being visited and its address.
  • State the number of entries required.
  • State the name of the applicant.
  • Has to be original, with an original signature.
  • State the name of the company being visited, and its address.
  • State the number of entries required (Single, Double or Multiple).
  • State the name of the applicant as written in their passport.
  • Type of VIsa.
  • Travel Date.
  • Applicants job title.
  • Duration of visit.
  • Duration of visit.
  • Reason for travel.
  • Start date at the company.
  • Applicants Nationality.
  • Passport number.
  • State the UK company is financially responsible for the applicant.
Please note that from 29/3/2016 the UK letter must be stamped and verified by the London Chamber of Commerce.
  • The signatory of the letter must submit their signature to the London Chamber by completing the Formal Undertaking form in our pack. It can either emailed to them or Regent Visas can hand in a copy with the UK letter.
  • Regent Visas can get this letter stamped for you. You can add this UK letter verification by the London Chamber to your order.
Copy of letter of Invitation from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are 2 versions:
  • b) Pre-approved Visa. This is not a request.
  • a) Chamber of Commerce. This is a request for the Embassy to consider issuing a visa. Cannot be used by women under 40 years of age.
If the applicants passport contains a live Saudi visa, then supply a cancellation request letter from the company that invited him/her addressed to the Embassy.
E-number. This is created by Regent visas and is included in the visa fee.
Complete the Saudi Medical application form.
  • You find this in our downloadable pack.
Regent Visas Order Form
  • You will find this form in our document pack.
It is now mandatory to obtain and pay for a Medical Insurance via official Saudi Government Enjaz website, before applying for visa E number.
  • The Insurance fee charged when applying for an E number is generated by the Saudi online system. It starts from £50 plus vat and the price is effected by gender and age. It is non negotiable and will be added to your invoice.
Important note:
  • Kindly note that depending on the time of year, some nationals might be requested to apply with a pre-approved invite.
  • Multiple entry visas are valid from 3-6 months from date of issue.
  • Single entry visas are valid for 1-3 months from date of issue.
  • If you have a valid Saudi visa then you cannot apply for a new visa unless there are just 2 days left to before it expires.
  • The cut off time for our Express service is 9.00am on the day you want your application lodged.
  • Saudi visas are taken from 24 hours to be issued from the day they are lodged into the Embassy.
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