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UK Second Passports

Second passports can be obtained for British citizens who are frequent business travellers:
    1. Standard passport application form the post office, completed in Black Ink.
    2. A photo copy of the Bio page (photo page) from your current passport. You must have at least 6 months validity left. If two passports are already held, then supply the second passport to be renewed plus a copy of the Bio page of the other. If the passport was issued outside of the UK it could take one week or more to issue.
    3. 2 passport photos on an off whitish background (size and suitability examples in passport info pack). If wearing glasses then the slightest glint will result in rejection.
    4. Only 1 of these passport photos must be countersigned by a professionally qualified person who has known applicant for at least 2 years who must hold a British or Irish Passport. If both are countersigned the application will be rejected. Even if you are renewing your second passport then a counter signatory is necessary.
    5. The countersignature must complete all of section 10 of the application form fully in black ink.
    6. UK Addresses must be on the Application form or it will be rejected this, includes the counter signatory’s work address.
    7. On blank paper a letter from the applicant addressed to the passport office & with his/her UK address on and date of Birth, authorising us to apply on the applicant’s behalf.

      The EXACT wording must be as follows: "I, (Your name), authorise (leave a blank space for us to enter couriers name) to Lodge and collect my application for a second passport on my behalf."
    8. A UK Company letter, from a third party, addressed to the London passport office. This must state that a second passport is required because he/she is a frequent traveller on business, and that a second passport would enable that person to still travel whilst the other passport is in embassies obtaining visas. State the applicant’s position in the company, what their job role entails, and what the nature of their work is when on business trips. Then list 6 countries the applicant travels to which require visas put into passports, prior to leaving the UK (i.e. Russia). Do not mention that the reason is because certain countries stamps are causing a hindrance to travel.

On the one week service the passport will be collected by ourselves from the passport office.

Second passport (32 pages) 1 week service
Cost: £123.00
Handling Fee: £69.00
VAT: £13.80
Total: £205.80

Second passport (48 pages) 1 week service
Cost: £123.00
Handling Fee: £69.00
VAT: £7.00
Total: £199.00

Second passport(32 pages)Sameday
Cost: £128.00
Handling Fee: £89.00
VAT: £14.00
Total: £231.00

Second passport(48 pages) Same day
Cost: £137.00
Handling Fee: £89.00
VAT: £14.00
Total: £240.00